April 19, 2015

Lilly for Target: Why Less is More

Yes, I was one of those suckers who had a big heart encircling the Lilly for Target launch date yesterday. I perused the look book weekly, adding and deleting favorites from my wish list. I set a budget. I asked friend for their opinions on what to keep and what to cut. By some weird burst of adrenaline, I was online at 3am EST when the collection went live. 
Dream come true? Not so much. 
The website wouldn't allow me to actually add anything to my cart, so after fifteen minutes of fruitlessly pushing "refresh" I gave up and went to bed. I got up early, planning to hit up a suburban Target on my way to Montessori training. I arrived at 7:30am to find this snaking around the building:

So I waited. In the rain. I chatted with some lovely people and let one stand with me under my umbrella, thinking it would bring me good Lilly karma. If by "good Lilly karma" I meant no one punched me in the face or stepped on my foot that hard, then it totally worked. 
It.was.crazy. The second the doors opened, people were sprinting across the store, filling up carts with everything they could hold in their arms. I was lucky enough to snag the scarf in Nosie Posie (above: bottom row, middle) before the shelves were completely empty. No joke, the shelves were clear at 8:05. I went ahead and checked out with my scarf in my hand and my dignity intact. 
Because, let's be real: if you're sprinting across a Target for some $12.99 glasses, you need to:

 And get it the hell together. Sure, we were all excited. But running? Honey, not unless I'm being chased. 
Mostly, I'm completely disgusted at the greed of people who got themselves into line first in order to resell their finds on eBay. As of Sunday afternoon, there were more than 8,000 Lilly for Target items listed for sale. Ugh. What's the point of having "affordable" Lilly clothes if people are going to resell a $38 for $100+? Lilly shifts aren't much more than that anyways. 
Lilly Pulitzer may be expensive, but it brings me a lot of joy when I wear it, and I only own a few special pieces that I associate with special memories: graduations, weddings, Easters. I consider myself a savvy Lilly shopper, either hitting up the twice-yearly sales or asking for gift cards for Christmas and birthdays. So maybe it's more than I'm disgusted with myself for participating in this. To me, one of the benefits of buying Lilly is the pleasure of going to the store, seeing all of the beautiful designs, and choosing the perfect piece for what I need. Not exactly the same as watching Tammy Sue from down the street toss fifteen shift dresses in her cart and run over ten people on her way to the home section. 
In retrospect, I'm glad I walked away with only one thing. I can't wear regular Lilly scarves since they're made of silk (i.e., not vegan), so this is truly an item I couldn't buy at full price. And instead of having a pile of clothes I don't need and can't afford, I have one precious piece to treasure and wear as long as it lasts. 
And that, my friends, is how we (real) Lilly girls do it. 


  1. Very well said, Ensley! :)

    The scarf is way cute too.

  2. Wow! I've never even heard of Lilly. Of course, I'm about as fashionable as a 12-year-old boy, so there's that. Ha! But that's a serious line outside the Target.

    1. Right? It's known for being super preppy with a very loyal following. But I'll just save up and pay full price vs. deal with that crazy!


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