Friday, November 1, 2013

Fashion Friday: Printed Shifts + Crimson Flats

If I know one thing, it's this: I hate high heels. 

With a passion. 

I like to tell people that God made me 5'8 so I wouldn't have to wear heels, but usually they've stopped listening to me at that point. (Good call.)

Also, since I don't wear leather thanks to the whole vegan-thing, my shoe shopping experience tends to be very limited/horrifying. (Think vegan shoe sites featuring ten different versions of the combat boot and you'll start to get the picture. Shudder.) 

But when you stumble upon a little gem of dress like this:'s time to suck it up and find some beautiful, crimson, pointed-toe flats. (I realize the model is wearing heels. Not happening.) Usually, my go-to stores for non-leather shoes are Old Navy and Target, and I was happily surprised at these sexy little slip ons I found online: 
{Women's Pointed D'Orsay Flats $25}
I get it: they aren't crimson. But they're awesome. I also found these in a deeper shade of red:

A few months ago, I discovered alternative outfitters, an all-vegan boutique where I found these beauties: 

While not exactly what the model's wearing in the picture, they're pretty darn close. And while finding non-leather shoes make take some extra time and effort, it's worth it. (Bonus: non-leather usually means cheaper. Win-win.)

Cheers to shopping! 

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  1. I feel ya, I'm also 5'8" and as objectively cute as heels are, they ain't goin on my feet. :) thanks for coming back to the blog world - I liked to lurk yours before your break and I'm excited to start lurking again. this may be the last you hear from me ... haha


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