Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Barre by Day, Bar by Night

The past few years have not been good for my body fat index.

First, I moved to small-town North Carolina, (aka Land of No Gyms), then I injured my foot while running (plantar fascitis, the lamest-sounding injury ever) which made even walking painful. Finally, I worked what seemed like 1000-hour weeks.

All in all: a major recipe for weight gain and general unhappiness. By the time I moved back to Charlotte in June, none of my pants would zip up. (No lie. None.)

So I joined a gym. I saw a sports medicine doctor who told me in no uncertain terms that because of my plantar fascitis, running or any other high-impact workouts were out of the question.  Not to be deterred, I faithfully peeled myself out of bed for 6am classes. I spun. I downward-dogged. I lifted weights.

And very little budged. (By "very little" I mean "the fat on my body".) My pants still wouldn't zip.

I needed to find low-impact workout that weren't water aerobics. (Because seriously? I am not ready to go there.) I happened to stumble upon Carolina Barre and Core, a new barre studio that just opened in Charlotte. I happily forked over my hard-earned babysitting money (yep, you read that right) for their new client special.

And here's the difference 3 weeks can make:
Three weeks. Three. Freaking. Weeks. Whaaaaaa. 
Do you SEE the significant reduction of arm fat? I had always been anti-arm pop and now I'm practically elbowing people in the face because I can't. stop. arm. popping.

While you may not live in Charlotte (but if you do, check.them.out.), the bottom line is this: find a workout that you enjoy and that works for YOU, whatever that may be. 

Oh and those pants I mentioned before? Practically hanging off of me. 

For some at-home barre workouts (and general workout inspiration), check out my Pinterest {thinspiration} board.

Cheers to fitness! 


  1. oww owwww! i see that arm guuuuuurl! you know i support you on this! 110%. thank you LORD for that babysittin monayyyyy!!!!!!!

    1. Haha if only everyone hearing this could hear your exact voice the way I do...thanks for the support :)

  2. Wow! I've been toying with the idea of joining my local Cardio Barre studio. How many times a week did you go?! Those results are awesome!

    1. Hey Stephanie! I forked over the cash for 6 weeks of unlimited classes, so I was going 5-6 times per week to get my money's worth. I would DEFINITELY recommend barre/cardio barre. I've done other intense workouts in the past (like P90x) and after doing it 5-6 days in a row was too sore to move. At barre they take such good care to stretch that I am barely sore the next day. Let me know when you try it!


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