April 6, 2012

April Showers Bring...Spring Raincoats

Thank you, Mother Nature, for sending a cold front my way on the first day of Spring Break. Instead of sunning myself on a pier overlooking the serene waters of Albemarle Sound, I'm huddled under afghans while desperately rubbing my hands together, trying to keep warm caveman-style. I'm trying to determine if the color of the sky would be described as Slate or Shark's Belly on a Martha Stewart paint chip. I'm going to invent my own paint chip entitled This Sucks I Need A Tan.

The silver lining in all of these clouds is that now I have an excuse to shop for spring raincoats to ward of all this chilly dampness. (Let's get real: There's only so many episodes of TiVo-ed House Hunters I can watch before I start voraciously shopping online.)

I love kelly green at all times, but especially spring. It contrasts beautifully with jeans or khakis and is just plain timeless. This one from Land's End looks fabulous, with warm lining and removable hood:

Women's Modern Swing Raincoat $140.00 (the green is on sale for 94.99!)

Leave it to Vineyard Vines models to make me feel inadequate. Seriously, how cute is this girl? And the pink color of the raincoat is to die for, as well as being bright enough to pretty much guarantee you won't get run over when crossing the street.
Vineyard Vines Stow & Go Rain Coat $155.00

Have you ever looked like this on a rainy day? Because I sure haven't. 
Then we get to the raincoats a teacher can actually afford: Target. But hey, with a cotton lining and cute roll-up sleeves, these anoraks are worth every bit of their $34.99.  

Target Women's Hooded Rain Anorak in Pink $34.99

Target Women's Hooded Anorak in Polka Dot $34.99
Even though I promised myself I'd stash my tax refund instead of spending it on clothes, I'm pretty tempted to press "Purchase". The fact that it just started raining again isn't doing anything to help my willpower.

Where do you find cute rain gear?

Are you saving or spending your tax refund?


  1. I checked the land end site for the green raincoat but they could not find the style. Do you have the model number of the raincoat?

  2. The blog post you have shared is very helpful. Now, I am planning to buy a womens raincoats for myself to stay dry in worst storms. Thanks!


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