Thursday, March 8, 2012

VLL: Vegan Lilly Lover

A few weeks ago, I was finally eligible for a phone upgrade from my clunky, terrible Android. (Sorry Android. But if you were a boyfriend, you would totally be a scrub. You always deleted my contacts and sent texts to the wrong people, which made me terrified to talk crap about anyone. Not cool.)

So on my recent jaunt to Virginia Beach, I marched myself to the Sprint store and picked out a beautiful, shiny, sends-texts-to-the-right-person iPhone 4.

Yes, I realize everyone and their mother has had one of these for FOREVER. But as a teacher who had to save up for one on her own, and who's had other crappy Smartphones, this feels like a big accomplishment. (Yes, I'm slightly out of touch with reality. So sue me.)

Obviously, the first thing I did after downloading Words with Friends carefully reading the user's guide was force my cousin Royar to drive me down to the Lilly store where I coughed up $27 for my gorgeous Lilly case with card slots for my ID and credit card. (You know, since I hit up so many clubs in the boonies and need to be purse-free.)

The verdict? Worth every penny. I smile every time I see my gorgeous new phone with the beautiful cover. It's the little things, I tell ya. (Or the Lilly things....)

To keep the awesomeness rolling, my friend Mackenzie sent me an extra Lilly planner in the mail and it arrived today. I'm sort of ....looking forward to making my to-do list tomorrow. any extra Cassie dresses laying around, Mackenzie?

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