Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tracy Anderson Method

I posted yesterday about my gym vs. home workout debate. I'm pretty convinced that working out at home would be the better option, but some structure would do my body good.

I'm interested in buying a set of workout DVDs, like Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. Has anyone tried these? What did you think?

My roommate and I attempted p90x last year and lasted all of ....4 days. I'm much more motivated to do tough workouts when others are watching, but Tracy's workout seems like a better fit for me. (Mostly because Gwyneth Paltrow is in the informercials. I'm a sucker for celebrity endorsements.)

Any other at-home workouts that you'd recommend?


  1. i've heard that the Jillian Michael DVDs are AWESOME, although I've never tried them

  2. I have the Meta DVDs.... While the toning part changes every 10 days, the cardio part does not change AT ALL for 3 Months. After 2 weeks, I knew the "dance cardio" routine by heart. Good workout overall but the cardio is monotonous


I'd love to hear your thoughts !


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